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Local Guide

  • Coastal Culture :

The Mazu Temple (about 10 minutes on foot)

  • Historical Culture :

Humen Linzexu Memorial (Tracing the history of China early modern times, (about 30 minutes by car)

  • Nature Tour:

Nansha Wet Park (about 30 minutes by car)

  • Leisure Journey:

Nansha Golf Club: two 18-hole championship course),the best seasonal green in pearl River Delta (about 10 minutes by car)

Nansha Marina (5 Gold Anchor): the first marina in Mainland China to have achieved the rating)

scenic  spots scenic spots
  • Nansha yacht

    Nansha yacht will be located in the east of Nansha District, occupies a total area of more than 255 acres, with 800 meters of waterfront tourism and leisure promenade and berths of about 352 on the water and dry warehouse about 100 berths, 3000 square meters of luxurious clubhouse provide leisure, commerce, catering and other services, also built yacht technical maintenance, refueling, driver training facilities for the yacht will provide five-star service. Guangzhou area is the largest, highest grade, most of the yachts can be docked yacht club.
  • NanSha golf club

    Mountain golf course construction, natural environment is very good, the first 18 holes in the valley plains, west of the fairway stretching along the hillside; and 18 hole is in the north of the valley, the ups and downs of the fairway has caused, change, rich taste, have distinguishing feature very, make you enjoy the joy of golf after a hard day's work.
  • Nansha Thean Hou Temple

    The reconstruction of the Nansha Thean Hou Temple is located in Nansha Tai Kok south of Shandong, facing the vastness of the lingdingyang. 1.5 hectares of the square, stands a beautiful and kind-hearted goddess icon giant.
  • Nansha New International passenger port

    Nansha New International passenger port stack wave shape steel structure building and design standards for annual volume of 90 million passengers, passenger design collects a quantity to 900 people, is the second international passenger port and Guangzhou and Hong Kong waterway passenger transport center, with the first high-speed catamaran passenger. To Hongkong range only 70 minutes.
  • 南沙滨海泳场

    Swimming beach area of nearly 40 thousand square meters, was W shape, about 600 meters long, is an open-air artificial beach natural sea water. Swimming is divided into a plurality of swimming area, the open 300 meters of shoreline waters, of swimmers centralized management, according to the situation of tourists to limit the number of admission. Swim besides swimming, beach soccer, volleyball, water polo, water couple tricycle, canoeing and other entertainment.
  • Nansha seaside amusement park

    The park consists of motorized recreation area, water activity center, children's Park, ecological park, leisure and other a total of more than 30 ages, rich and colorful recreation projects. Park combines the modern science and technology, modern entertainment and singular Outland style, create a clear, lively, fantastic, exciting, fun, fun and leisure tourism atmosphere.
  • Million Sunflower Garden

    It is the biggest sunflower garden in China. Varieties of sunflower are introduced from 18 countries. The sunfloer is in full bloom during the year.
  • Wetland Park

    Sightseeing boats roaming "Qushui labyrinth" Nansha wetland tour area is located in the West Bank of the Pearl River with the sea. About 200 hectares of tour core area, visit here, enjoy "Qushui to reeds, birds resting mangrove, 10000 ares charged color beauty, birds swim leisurely" environmental awareness.
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Cross-Border mall Cross-Border mall
  • Cross-border mall

    The first cross-border shopping mall in nansha FTZ, which closed to Thean Hou Temple. In the shopping mall you can find the goods from all over the world, including mother and baby products, cosmetic, healthcare, import foodstuff and dress accessory.
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leisure entertainment
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large-scale activity place
  • NanSha gymnasium

    Nansha gymnasium was held the martial-art of Asian-Games in 2010,which is largest gymnasium in Nansha area.
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office building
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